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How to upload & release your song

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Step 1.

Click 'Add Release' from the top menu, or 'Submit your release' from the Home page


Step 2.

Choose your Genre


Step 3.

Upload your full song(s) that customers will receive after they have purchased


Step 4.

Upload your artwork


Step 5.

- Add your File name. Usually 'Artist' - 'Song Name'.

- Add tags if you like - sub genres, feelings, record label etc

- Add your description - About the song, written & produced by etc

- Attach an MP3 preview of the release

This can be a link from Soundcloud or YouTube, or you can attach an MP3 preview (this can be downloaded so don't use your full song)


Step 6.

Choose if you want it to be a Free or Paid release and set your price.

For a single MP3 release we recommend £1.99

NOTE: Your commission is 50% so you will receive half of this Price



Step 7.

Click 'Save & Submit Files'


Your release will be reviewed by our team soon and if it meets our quality standards and rules it will be approved!

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