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    Really nice track but seems very weak on the low frequencies in the kick and bass. Could maybe do with checking the EQ on them or re-mastering with more emphasis on the low frequencies
    Guilty pleasure this track. love it lads
    Another Bouncy track from D-Project. Recommend this
    Belting track this. Be rinsing this in sets
    Belting track this. Be rinsing this in sets
    Class vocal track. Looking forward to playing this
    Class track from Pattaz as usual. looking forward to playing this in my sets
  5. Description and Preview 1. Mugi - Armonia 2. Mugi - Magic Land 3. Mugi - Ritmica 4. Mugi - Uploaded

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    Producido por Daviz Mateo - Dj Vicious


  7. Produced by Daviz Mateo (Dj Vicious)

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