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  1. Uplifting happy hardcore vibes from Ijana & Jason P! Contains Original, Radio and Instrumental versions

    3.99 GBP

  2. 4 x FL Studio Projects from DJ Infinite Save yourself a load of time and get straight into the fun stuff with these ready-made FL Projects that you can set to automatically load up every time you open FL. There's 2 projects with basic Makina drums (Spanish and North East Style) ready to use, and 2 Makina projects with the main sounds and layout already set up (Intro and Main Melody) Created on FL Studio 10.0.9 Will open on all newer versions (11, 12, 20 etc)

    19.99 GBP

  3. 8 downloads

    Over 50 Makina drum loops to drop straight into your project!


  4. Add some energy to your tracks with this huge folder of drag and drop fill loops! - All loops are tempo-synced to drop seamlessly into your next big track - Build your own unique fills by chopping, mixing and layering different loops - Loops are categorized into Snare, Kick, Breakbeat, FX, Sweeps and more! - A 'layered fills' category to show you how fat the fills can be when combined - Over 120 different loop elements to get creative with! Specifications: 127 High Quality Wav Files 45.3MB's (Zipped)

    19.99 GBP

  5. Track Name: Tronic Artist: Jason P Record Label: Rewired Records

    1.99 GBP

  6. 21 downloads

    20 free chord progressions to use in your tracks! Watch our free tutorial about writing melodies from your chords 😄


  7. Track Name: Definite - (Base Version) Artist: Jason P & Dj Jim Record Label: Rewired Records

    1.99 GBP

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