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    Cosmic Strings is one of my favorite tracks ever! - Ste
  1. Infinite & JGS are proud to present Makina Overdrive, containing over 65 preset Makina & Rave sounds for Spire VST and 20 melody MIDIs to kick-start your creativity and inspire your next big releases! Contains: 66 Spire Presets 20 Melody MIDI Files ***IMPORTANT*** This bank was created on Spire v1.1.16, you must have this version or newer to use these presets. It's your responsibility to check that your software is compatible before ordering as we can't give refunds on digital products that can't be returned

    19.99 GBP

  2. Evolve your sound with this brand new expansion for Spire VST, loaded with 57 huge presets ready to drop into your new productions! Tweak, layer and modulate to come up with your unique variations! All Leads, Bass, Stabs, Acid, Plucks and Screeches in this preview are 100% Spire presets from this sound bank 😄 IMPORTANT: These presets were made on Spire Version 1.1.16, please make sure you have an up to date and legitimate version of the software before purchasing this product

    19.99 GBP

  3. Inject some Hardcore power into your tracks with over 75 huge preset sounds from DJ Infinite! Everything you need to make slamming UK Hardcore anthems from epic supersaw leads and plucks, to fat basslines, raw screeches and modulated acid lines. This is a must-have soundset for any serious hardcore producer! Inspired by Hardcore tracks from the 90s up to today from artists like Darren Styles, Gammer, Hixxy, Stonebank and more, I set out to produce a bank full of versatile sounds that were ideal for reviving that classic Hardcore sound but would also work great in other EDM genres. I also took inspiration from various other rave genres and threw in some Donks, raw / hardstyle sounds, Trance plucks and more so there's plenty of freedom to mix things up and get creative! IMPORTANT: These presets were made on Spire Version 1.1.16, please make sure you have an up to date and legitimate version of the software before purchasing this product

    19.99 GBP

  4. In this lesson we'll be covering the basic techniques for creating a vocal chop melody using FL Studio's SliceX plugin. To follow this tutorial you might also need to check out our previous videos if you aren't familiar with EQ and working with vocals: https://www.rewiredrecords.co.uk/blogs/fl-studio-tutorials/fl-studio-tutorial-how-to-sync-vocals-to-your-track https://www.rewiredrecords.co.uk/blogs/fl-studio-tutorials/fl-studio-tutorial-how-to-clean-up-your-track-with-eq
  5. A short clip taken from our online Makina Video Course showing how to write melodies from basic chord progressions Grab the free Chords Midi Pack here: https://www.rewiredrecords.co.uk/products/free-chords-midi-pack Get the full Makina Course: https://www.rewiredrecords.co.uk/products/makina-production-course-fl-studio
  6. How to set up and record your microphone in FL Studio using the built-in Edison audio recorder / editor [ Equipment I use ] Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX | 8 Channel Mixer / USB Audio Interface: https://amzn.to/317P3B7 sE2200 Studio Condenser Microphone: https://amzn.to/2XqzClx Medion ERAZER P6679 Laptop (Upgraded to 16GB RAM): https://amzn.to/2MudoOw Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Studio Headphones: https://amzn.to/2Mpfnn4
  7. How to make your own Templates for FL Studio - save yourself loads of time by having your sounds already set up, mixer tracks pre-assigned, FX added, basic song structure already laid out, or anything else you want! Or grab our Makina templates and load them straight up 😄 Get The Makina Templates: https://www.rewiredrecords.co.uk/products/fl-studio-makina-templates Get The Rave Leads Sample Pack: https://www.rewiredrecords.co.uk/products/rave-leads-vol-1
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