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    Dedicated to Anthony Price - RIP


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    Bootleg of another classic. Free download - enjoy!


  5. Any idea where I can get ahold of it mate?
  6. Stocko


    Hope I'm not hijacking this thread, didn't know if it was for ideas in general, or just for your idea Stiva! Another idea - how about some sort of 'award ceremony'? Best makina track of the year, best bounce track, best new producer, most improved producer etc. Don't have to be big prizes or anything, but again it could promote both tracks and the DJs themselves, and it'd also just be fun I reckon.
  7. Does anyone have much experience with proper music theory, and if so where/how did you learn it? I generally just try throwing stuff together and hoping for the best, but would love to have a better understand of key, scales, Maj/min chords and all that type of stuff. I know there’s lots of gold in the course, but has anyone had any other experience? Sorry for all the posts, just trying to make use of the forums!
  8. What do people generally do for layering NE Makina leads? How many layers do you like to use? Do you go all the same octave, or put a saw type sound at a lower octave? Do you include the bassline as part of your melody, or only use it in the bassline yourself. I have my own way of doing things, but am always looking to learn from others and see what other people do!
  9. Anyone have the drinking acapella without the clap in it?
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