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  1. TuneRush

    Scheduled Releases

    You can now schedule your release for a date and time in the future! This is ideal for planning ahead and giving yourself time to promote and spread the word before your release goes live 🙂 You will now see this option on the Upload Form
  2. TuneRush

    TuneRush Exclusives

    We now have an option for you to let us know if your release is exclusive to TuneRush (Only available on this platform). You should now see a check box for TuneRush Exclusive on the Upload Form Fans will be able to see this on your release page and we will also be promoting TuneRush exclusives on our homepage so this is a great way to get more free promotion for your release!
  3. Some users have reported an issue when uploading files. If you experience any difficulty uploading just send us a message or use the Support feature at the top of the website and we can help you 🙂
  4. You can view and withdraw your royalties in your Account Credit page. You can access it from the top navigation bar or click here
  5. To view a list of your releases click 'My Releases' from the top navigation bar or click here
  6. Step 1. Click 'Add Release' from the top menu, or 'Submit your release' from the Home page Step 2. Choose your Genre Step 3. Upload your full song(s) that customers will receive after they have purchased Step 4. Upload your artwork Step 5. - Add your File name. Usually 'Artist' - 'Song Name'. - Add tags if you like - sub genres, feelings, record label etc - Add your description - About the song, written & produced by etc - Attach an MP3 preview of the release This can be a link from Soundcloud or YouTube, or you can attach an MP3 preview (this can be downloaded so don't use your full song) Step 6. Choose if you want it to be a Free or Paid release and set your price. For a single MP3 release we recommend £1.99 NOTE: Your commission is 50% so you will receive half of this Price Step 7. Click 'Save & Submit Files' Done! Your release will be reviewed by our team soon and if it meets our quality standards and rules it will be approved!
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