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  1. Powerful kick, driving charged bass line and percussion's brought together with a dramatic breakdown and uplifting lead.

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  2. Hello to anyone who stumbles across this 🙂 Literally just found this website while searching frantically to find some grain of existence left of good old Hard Trance. Not much joy might I add lol. None the less it looked like this site was pretty cool so ventured into the forum/community section here but where is everyone at such a cool place ?
  3. Thumping kick and evil bass line accompanied by sinister yet uplifting riffs all together with a ripping acid line.

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  4. That moment that you realize there are no sockets on the moon. Houston 'We Have A Problem' Good old fashion, Melt your face, Rippin' Hard Trance. An attempt at a track that would be good at the start, middle or end of a hard trance set.

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  5. Thumping, bouncy kick and bass line that delivers a punch, leads into a long building melodic breakdown, when the beat kicks back in after teasing you with harmonious filtered synths. Let the Bass Kick PRE.mp3

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  6. Pounding kick, Energetic bass line, choppy perc's and epic lead.

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