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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is TuneRush?

    TuneRush is an exciting new website / service for independent artists, record labels and music fans. TuneRush is designed and managed by a group of enthusiastic artists with an aim to provide a great place for artists and fans to meet, and buy and sell the music they love. We know it can be a pain as an artist, to get your music signed to a label and get it out to the world so we've developed a really easy platform where you can upload, manage and release your work yourself, no label needed! If you have any questions at all you can contact us through this site, on our Facebook page or email us at support@tunerush.com

    How much can I charge for my music?

    That's up to you, but generally we would suggest a minimum of

    £1 for a single song

    £3 for an EP

    £8 for an album (depending on the amount of songs)

    Please bare in mind that you will receive 50% of this price per sale

    You can have a look around the store and see what other members are charging to get an idea of the prices other artists use

    How much does it cost?

    TuneRush is free for artists to use. There's no monthly or yearly subscription fee. We believe that everyone should be able to access the services regardless of their financial situation. We just take 50% of the income from your sales before it reaches you so you never have to worry about paying a penny. We have completely funded and continue to develop TuneRush from our own pockets and we will only succeed when you succeed so we feel that this 50/50 income share is the best way for artists and us to grow together and support each other.

    Can I upload / sell remixes?

    You must own the rights to any files you upload to TuneRush. If you have permission to upload and release an official remix then yes you can! Your content on TuneRush is your responsibility so please make sure you have the rights to anything you post to the site. Please read our legal documents at the bottom of the site for more information. Anyone that is found to be misusing the service or posting content that they do not own will be banned from TuneRush and may face legal action against them.

    When will I get paid for my sales?

    As soon as someone buys one of your files you will get an email notification to tell you you have made a sale, and the money will be instantly added to your Account Credit which you can view and withdraw to PayPal whenever you want! Your Account Credit page can be found here

    Does TuneRush own the rights to my work?

    No. We do not own any rights to your work. 

    Can I delete my releases or close my account?

    Yes, you are free to remove your work and close your account at any time. Just contact us at support@tunerush.com and we can help you

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